About Us

We are David and Lisa Jordan. I (David) am the main writer of this blog, thinker and general problem solver. Lisa, my better half, is our main planner, booker, motivator and all round happy person. We have talked about doing a long-distance hike for many years, but as with many people who have dreams and plans of a big trip, for a long time life, study and careers got in the way. Recently circumstances and a couple of minor health scares, conspired to put such a trip back in the forefront of our minds and we decided to change the way that we live our lives. I’m sure I’ll talk more about our motivations for the trip in a later post but essentially the trip marks a turning point for us and gives us the opportunity to live our lives a little differently. We’re not so unusual really. I think a lot of people get to a point in their lives when they wonder why they are chasing the bigger house, the newer car, the latest technology and what they are missing out on. As the pace of life gets ever more hectic and we are overwhelmed with more and more information, often incredibly persuasive marketing from all directions, we get a sense that perhaps our thoughts, choices and the direction of our lives are being influenced in a way that we don’t want. So, we decided to take some time out to slow down, put aside the things we strive for, and take the time to reflect, and perhaps re-order our priorities. We decided that the only way to do that effectively was to travel, away from all the noise and influences, and to do so in way and at a speed that human beings evolved to travel; at a Human Pace.

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