The what and the why?

We set up this blog initially as a way to share the stories from our 2016 hike on the Pacific Crest Trail with friends and family. We are growing the site (as we learn how to use it) to share some back stories of our travels and adventures, including crossing the Tanami desert in Australia, driving the infamous Gibb river road, and exploring the skeleton coast in Namibia as well as our latest adventure discovering the Grande Traversata Delle Alpi; the Italian grand traverse of the Piedmonte Alps, the home of fantastic wine and the birthplace of the slow food movement.

Over the coming weeks (possibly months) we’ll work out how to add menus, get the blogs in the right places and upload pictures. While doing all this and in the margins of work we’re also learning Italian, tracing maps and researching the next stages of the GTA that we plan to undertake in the coming summer. We’re hoping to go out to Italy over Christmas too, mostly to consolidate the language learning but also to do some local research (not only on the wines of the region)!