Hike prep & other distractions


Ok so not totally hike related but while we’re in San Diego doing our final prep for the hike we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take in some cultural sights too. The USS Midway, (above) in the main harbour is an imposing sight on the waterfront.
We came in from L.A. on the Amtrak last night after an eleven hour flight and several hours sitting around at Heathrow. It took an age to get out of L.A., much of which was just escaping the confines of the airport. Arriving after dark last night we weren’t able to get oriented until this morning and it took us a little while to figure out the necessary mechanics of getting around in a sprawling city whose transport options include: the Amtrak, the Coaster, the Sprinter, the Breeze, the Metrolink, the Rapid, the Rapid Express, the trolley (3 lines) and the good old fashioned bus!
We’ve been to the REI co-op today for some final supplies including gas, some trail meals and rather a lot of Clif bars, some of which we’ll be posting ahead to ourselves at Warner Springs. Then, final preparation done, it’ll be off to Pacific Beach to do the important pre-hike chillin’ on the board-walk with a beer and burrito!

Author: ahumanpace

Working less, travelling more, getting outdoors with friends, talking to strangers, slowing down and trying to live life again, at the pace of a human!

3 thoughts on “Hike prep & other distractions”

      1. Ooooh adventure16 is a bit ‘sexy’, thanks for that share 🙂 We’re about to walk the BG and having a last few minutes of luxury at home, thinking of you both and with you in spirit (soon to be in physical appreciation as well – packs are heavy!!)


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